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Digital Eyestrain

Tips to reduce digital eyestrain: Reading or computer glasses help reduce eyestrain Time flies: Set an alarm every 20 minutes of digital device time to complete the 20-20-20 exercise Move devices farther away from you – especially important for kids. Blink – and keep your eyes hydrated with preservative free artificial tears Avoid digital devices […]

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Eye Allergies

“Your immune system’s allergy response causes inflammation of the conjunctiva and results in swelling of the conjunctiva and bumps called papillae on the inner lining of your eyelids called the palpebral conjunctiva. These signs of ocular allergies are diagnosed by an optometrist.” Dr. Mindy Blumberg Eye allergies cause red, swollen, itchy, gritty, watery eyes. Eye […]

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What is presbyopia?

Cross section of the eye showing the lens suspended by fibers (zonules) which are attached the ciliary muscle (ciliary body) Presbyopia is caused by the stiffening of the crystalline lens inside your eye. The lens is responsible for changing shape to focus on various distances. Presbyopia causes loss of accommodation, which is the ability of […]

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What is Astigmatism?

Have you ever been told your eye was shaped like a football? When your cornea has two different curvatures it usually causes astigmatism. Astigmatism is a very common type of prescription that affects 75% of people. In a comprehensive eye exam an optometrist checks the health of your eyes and your prescription. Eye health is […]

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Sea to Sky Optometry would like to acknowledge that we are operating our eye clinic on the unceded territory of Lil’wat Nation and want to thank the community for their support.

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