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What does your baby see?

Vision development in babies is just as important as learning to crawl or communicate. Vision development happens slowly over time and it is important that they have healthy eyes to meet vision milestones as well as developmental milestones. At birth, babies can focus on objects about 30cm from their face and are not able to […]

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Dry Eye Disease

Do you have dry eyes?  Dry eye disease can affect your vision as your tear layer is the first surface that light hits as it enters your eye. An inadequate tear film can be like looking through a car windshield that has streaks left by old wiper blades. Dry eyes cannot be cured but needs […]

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Digital Eyestrain

Tips to reduce digital eyestrain: Reading or computer glasses help reduce eyestrain Time flies: Set an alarm every 20 minutes of digital device time to complete the 20-20-20 exercise Move devices farther away from you – especially important for kids. Blink – and keep your eyes hydrated with preservative free artificial tears Avoid digital devices […]

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Eye Allergies

“Your immune system’s allergy response causes inflammation of the conjunctiva and results in swelling of the conjunctiva and bumps called papillae on the inner lining of your eyelids called the palpebral conjunctiva. These signs of ocular allergies are diagnosed by an optometrist.” Dr. Mindy Blumberg Eye allergies cause red, swollen, itchy, gritty, watery eyes. Eye […]

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