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How to clean your eyeglasses perfectly

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The easiest way to see more clearly is to have clean and clear glasses. Everyone knows to use a microfiber cloth and cleaning spray, but what do I do when I don’t have those items? Hint: Warm water and Dawn soap! It is important to wash your glasses as bacteria and viruses can live on plastic surfaces. Keep your glasses clean, your glasses will last longer, you will see more clearly, and you will be safer.

Wash your hands first, and your glasses second.

With clean hands, put your glasses under warm running water, dispense a pea-sized amount of dish-washing soap on the lenses and rub it around your glasses with your fingers. Avoid soaps with any abrasive cleansers, that’s why I don’t recommend using hand soaps.

Do your nosepads need a deeper clean?

Use a wet and soapy Q-tip or a soft toothbrush (no hard bristles) to clean the debris off the nosepads.


Rinse off the dish-washing soap with warm water.


Dry glasses using a clean cloth. Microfiber is the best cloth to use. Avoid using paper towels, baby wipes, dusty cotton fibers. Something clean and soft will do the trick. It is important to note that you should be washing your microfiber cleaning cloth every week. The cloths can get dirty and the debris can scratch your lenses when you are trying to clean them. The cloths are typically machine washable.

Things to avoid when cleaning your eyeglasses

Rubbing lenses with a dirty cloth. Clean soft cloths work best.

Rubbing in debris with a cloth. Eyeglass cleaner or water work well to release debris so that the cloth can dry the clean glasses

Abrasive cleaners. Hand soap, toothpaste, micro-beads are all damaging to eyeglasses when rubbed over the lens.

Clean your glasses often to make them last a lifetime

If you want an ultimate clean, purchase an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner!

We are here to help you if you have any questions about your glasses.

Written by Mindy Blumberg

Dr. Mindy Blumberg is an optometrist registered with the BC College of Optometrists and is a member of the BC Doctors of Optometry. She graduated from the University of Waterloo and moved to Whistler, BC, to live in the mountains. Mindy grew up alpine ski racing and now has a special interest in sports vision. She helps with performance vision training with the Canadian Ski Cross and the BC Alpine Ski Team. Dr. Blumberg brings expertise on post-concussion vision rehabilitation and performance sports vision. She also uses these functional vision skills and vision therapy to improve reading and comprehension in children by enhancing the visual systems needed to have academic success.
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