Prices for eye exams

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Eye Exam Prices

Children under 12 years of age: Covered by MSP
Children 12-18: $30
Children contact lens exam add-on: $20

Children eye exams over 11 years of age include super wide view optos retinal photography.

Adult eye exams: $110
Contact lens exam add-on: $20

Adult eye exams include super wide view optos retinal photography & OCT 3D retinal imaging

Partial Exams

Includes: Post-op appointments for eye surgery, eye emergencies, referrals from Physicians, Dry eye assessments, Myopia control follow ups.

New Patients $110
Current Patients $20-50

Any Follow up exams needed after the first appointment are $20-50 includes refraction, dilation, any follow ups needed for eye concern, referral letters to specialists.

Refractive Surgery Co-Mangement

For patients interested in LASIK / PRK or any corrective eye surgery.
Pre-op: $159
Post-op Package: $500 (includes all follow ups after surgery)

** all prices are MSP coverage **

Contact Lens

Orthto-K lenses starting at $90 / month
Scleral lenses starting at $90 / month

IRPL E-Eye Dry Eye Treatment

$980 for 3 treatments (Days 1, 15, 45)
$100 add-on for 4th treatment (30 days after the 3-treatment protocol)
$350 single treatment (only for patients who have previously had IRPL treatment)

Vision Therapy / Post-Concussion

$150 for assessment
$250 for assessment and report

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