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We love high-tech at Sea to Sky Optometry.

Sea to Sky Optometry seeks to demystify eye care by providing comprehensive services that search for the underlying cause of your vision issues. Doing this allows us to provide you with meaningful solutions to help you get back to enjoying your vision.

With 2 convenient locations in Pemberton and Lillooet, you don’t have to travel far for quality eye care you can trust. These sister clinics each offer professional optometry services, high-tech family eye care, and quality frames and lenses you can depend on.

Our mission is to help people have their best vision to live their best lives.

    • Cataract & corneal Photography

      Digital images to detect dry eye and cataracts for accurate treatment plans.

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    • 3D eye scans

      OCT scans of the macula to detect macular degeneration, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy.

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    • Wide angle superview eye photos

      Optomap retinal photos with 200 degree views to see the periphery of the retina to detect retinal detachments, holes, and tears.

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    • Adult & senior eye exams

      With age comes change. And as you grow older, you have a higher risk of developing various eye diseases and conditions, many of which have no noticeable symptoms during their early stages. 

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    • Child eye exams

      By regularly observing your child’s eyes, we can develop treatment plans that work best for your child’s eye health and lifestyle, helping them live life with the clearest, most comfortable vision possible.

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    • Frame fitting

      Sometimes glasses don't fit as well as they could and they need a little bit of adjustments. There is no one-fits-all type of frame.

      Visit one of our locations to have our staff help you find the best fit for your face.

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    • Dry eye treatment

      At Sea to Sky Optometry, we treat dry eyes caused by MGD using intense regulated pulsed light (IRPL) therapy. We use the E>Eye device which is the first dry eye-specific IPL device with IRPL technology.

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    • Vision therapy

      Vision therapy is ascience-based practicedesigned to strengthen key visual skills, including object tracking and interpreting visual data.

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    • Post-surgical eye exams

      After your surgery, you will need a number of follow-up appointments. These appointments are essential for monitoring your progress, evaluating your healing, and testing your vision to see if any corrections are required during your recovery.


    Sea to Sky Optometry


    We are located on Aster Street, in the building between Pioneer Street and Prospect Street. Some street parking is available, and we have a full parking lot at the back of the building. Pemberton is a 25-minute drive from Whistler. It is located 35 km north of Whistler along highway 99.

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    Sea To Sky Optometry


    New location is now open!

    We are located on Main Street, across from the Rec Centre and very near the public library and the Lillooet Hospital. Lillooet is a 35-minute drive from Pavilion, along Highway 99. In addition to Pavilion, we proudly serve the surrounding communities of Gold Bridge, Bralorne, Ashcroft and Cache Creek.

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    Sea To Sky Optometry

    Mobile clinics

    We're proud to offer specific optometry services through a mobile clinic that can reach many communities in the region surrounding Pemberton.

    Through mobile clinics we currently offer comprehensive eye exams for people and families of all ages and eyeglasses that are fully covered by Pacific Blue Cross and First Nations Health.

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    We care about your eye care.

    Our mission is to help people have their best vision to live their best lives.