Our team

We are a team of passionate professionals, consisting of optometrists, opticians, optometrist assistants and support staff. We value each and every member of our team and are here to provide the best eye care for you and your family. Welcome to the Sea to Sky Optometry!
  • Dr. Mindy Blumberg

    Founder of the Sea to Sky Optometry. Dr. Mindy Blumberg is an Optometrist registered with the British Columbia College of Optometrists and member of the British Columbia Doctors of Optometry. After she graduated with honours from the University of Waterloo in 2016, she moved to Whistler, BC to live closer to the mountains.

  • Dr. Alexander Jobe

    Dr. Alexander is an Optometrist and a practicing member at British Columbia Doctors of Optometry and Ontario Association of Optometrists. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in 2016. Then, in 2019 he received his Doctorate at Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

  • Dr. Cindy Shan

    Dr. Cindy Shan is an Optometrist and a Fellow of American Academy of Optometry. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the University of British Columbia in 2017 and in 2021 she received her Doctorate from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science.

  • Dr. Cindy Shum

    Dr. Cindy Shum graduated from the UBC in 1994 and then from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1998 with honours in optometry. Dr. Shum did her externship specialty training in pediatric eye care, rural and emergency eye care and diabetic ocular disease management.

  • Dr. Sharon Wong

    Dr. Sharon T. Wong received her Doctorate of Optometry from University of Montreal in 2004. She has a PhD in Vision Science (University of Waterloo 1998) and Masters degree in Anatomy (Queen’s University 1993). She is a board-certified registrant of the BC College of Optometrists and BC Doctors of Optometry member. She can provide eye examinations in English and French and can also provide low vision assessments. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, cycling, and camping.

  • Meg Browning

    Meg is a Registered Optician and the manager in Pemberton. She is originally from New Zealand and has 20 years of experience creating amazing glasses! She can help you find the perfect frame to compliment your face and can recommend the technology you need in lenses so that you experience high quality vision.

  • Courtney Cairns

    Courtney is an Optometric Assistant at the Pemberton clinic. She is responsible for assisting with high technology eye exams and recommending the best glasses for your lifestyle. She is continually learning and currently enrolled in the Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant (CCOA) course.

  • Brooke Vaughan

    Brooke is a Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant (CCOA) and the manager at the Lillooet clinic. She completed the optometric assistant program in 2023 and is trained to provide excellent patient care.

  • Fallon Flann

    Fallon is responsible for assisting with high technology eye exams and providing leading eye care at the Lillooet clinic. She is currently training to become a Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant (CCOA).

  • Christy Whittaker

    Christy Whittaker is responsible for helping in all aspects of the Pemberton clinic. She is trained in dry eye treatment with ocular hygiene and the E>Eye IRPL device. She has a passion for mountain lifestyle and is striving to help our patients with their eye care and glasses needs.

  • Irma McNeil

    Irma is responsible for providing an excellent patient experience at the Lillooet clinic. She is trained to do glasses adjustments and repairs and assisting with high technology eye exams.



Sea to Sky Optometry is hiring a full-time Optometrist for Pemberton and Lillooet. We are offering 3-4 days per week in Pemberton and 0-1 days per week in Lillooet. Our current schedule is Tuesday to Friday 9-6 and one Saturday per month. Ideally, we would have an optometrist for 3 days in Pemberton and 1 day in Lillooet per week. Ask us about how you can replace 1 day per week by working from home with our optometrists on demand technology.  

Our practices are in Pemberton and Lillooet. Pemberton is 25 minutes from Whistler and Lillooet is 2 hours from Whistler.

Who we are:

We have two busy practices in Pemberton and Lillooet. We are looking for an optometrist who can join the practice. We currently offer digital eye exams with optometrists on demand, advanced dry eye treatments with IRPL, vision therapy, low vision, and specialty contact lenses. We are a passionate group with a friendly professional attitude connecting to our community to offer excellent eye care.

What we offer: 

- Part of a team who will make a positive impact in the community by enhancing lives through improving vision.

- Competitive salary, benefits, and relocation bonus. Enjoy living in a community in the Sea to Sky very close to Whistler.

- High technology clinic with VFT, OCT, Optomap, Topography, IPL (E>EYE)

- Continuing education and training opportunities to continually expand your knowledge and reach your career goals. 

- Workplace culture where we care about our team and our patients, always striving for our best and having fun along the way. Our staff is well trained to help you be efficient with patient care. We have a licensed optician and a certified optometric assistant on staff full time.

- Exciting opportunities to travel with mobile eye clinics. We work with the BCDO and bring a large selection of glasses to communities in remote BC. Communities are so grateful that we are making eyecare convenient for them, and we make great connections along the way. 

- Work life balance in a growing community with a passion for the outdoors.  

- Lillooet has plenty of outdoor activities including biking, hiking, camping, watersports on the many lakes nearby, 60 minutes from world class backcountry skiing on the Duffey Lake Highway (my personal favourite zone). There are also many organic farms and 2 wineries Fort Berens & Cliff and Gorge. 

- Pemberton has the best access to backcountry skiing and snowmobiling in the Winter and mountain biking, hiking, and camping in the summer. Pemberton is located 25 minutes north of Whistler. 

If you want to be a part of our team, we would love to hear from you. Please apply by sending a resume to: mindyblumberg@seatoskyoptometry.com

Optometric assistant

Location: Lillooet Sea to Sky Optometry – Lillooet, BC

We are currently hiring an optometric assistant in Lillooet. This assistant role delivers an excellent patient experience in combination with a technical aspect to take vision measurements and operate equipment to get accurate photography of the eye. We provide all training on the job. We cover tuition costs to become a Certified Optometric Assistant which will increase wage to $25 per hour. This program can be done at your own pace and is 100% online.

Lillooet Sea to Sky Optometry is hiring a full-time optometric assistant in Lillooet, BC. This position at Lillooet Sea to Sky Optometry is an integral part of our practice to deliver excellent patient experience from the moment the patient enters our office. You will have the exciting opportunity to develop strong community relationships and build your dream career.

What we offer:

– Part of a team who will make a positive impact in the community by enhancing lives through improving vision.

– On the job training and free tuition to become a Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant.

– Workplace culture where we care about our team and our patients, always striving for our best and having fun along the way.

How to be a successful candidate:

– Experience in the medical field is an asset. Focus on communication skills, accuracy, strong computer skills, and problem solving.

– Customer Experience Skills. Strong communication skills so that you can listen to our patients and help them in the best way possible.

– Initiative. We are a small team of passionate individuals; initiative is crucial to continually improve our service to our patients. We are looking for a motivated, self-starter who is adaptable to change in a fast-paced growing business.

– Positive Energy. We love having fun. Our patients can feel our friendly and professional attitude, we want you to be positive and have fun at work while still striving to do your best.

– Community. We are a vital service in the community. We are always looking for ways in which we can help improve vision to members of our community. We are looking for someone who believes in giving back to our community and willing to take the lead on community initiatives.


– Appointment check in / check out

– Intake forms

– Operating medical equipment to take retinal photos, measurements of the cornea.

– Medical charting

– Helping with optometrist on demand appointments

– self-starter and able to adapt to change in a fast-paced growing business

Potential future opportunities:

– Becoming a certified optometric assistant & Optician

If you want to be a part of our team, we would love to hear from you.

We care about your eye care.

Our mission is to help people have their best vision to live their best lives.