Prices for Eye Examinations

Children 0-5 yrs: $25

Children 6-10: $50

Children 11-18 years of age: $99

Children contact lens exam add-on: $50 (For current CL wearers) $40 toward first order of contacts.


Adult eye exams: $144

Contact lens exam add-on: $50 (For current CL wearers) $40 towards first contact lens order 

Senior eye exams: $144


**All prices are after MSP coverage**



New contact lens wearers and new fits: $100



Contact lens progress checks: $0 for all patients who have paid for their contact lens exam in the past year.


Ortho-K & Scleral lenses starting at $90 per month

IRPL E-EYE Pemberton Only

$980 for 4 treatments

$350 single treatment (only for patients who have previously had IRPL Treatment)

DRY EYE MANAGEMENT: Punctal plugs, blepharitis & demodex exfoliation and removal, Meibomian gland expression.



Price list accurate as of September 2023. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Eye exams

Adults and seniors

Sea to Sky Optometry is determined to help you preserve your vision as you age, and the best way to do this is through regular eye exams.

Routine eye exams (at least once every 1–2 years) allow us to detect early signs of eye diseases and provide the latest treatments available to address them.

With age comes change. And as you grow older, you have a higher risk of developing various eye diseases and conditions, many of which have no noticeable symptoms during their early stages. 

We are proud to feature a range of cutting-edge diagnostic technology that provides our team with the ability to diagnose eye problems like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and many more.

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Eye exams


Eye exams can reveal much about your child’s eye health. Many children can develop vision problems at a young age. Some of the most common issues being myopia, strabismus, and amblyopia. In some cases, your child may also be at risk of developing an eye disease, which may cause vision loss.

The best way to diagnose and address these issues is to make sure your child attends an eye exam at least once a year. By regularly observing your child’s eyes, we can develop treatment plans that work best for your child’s eye health and lifestyle, helping them live life with the clearest, most comfortable vision possible.

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Eye exams

Optometrist on demand

This is an interactive experience including a digital report of your eye health and video consultation with an optometrist on demand.

New technology to capture full health screenings, contacts & eyeglass prescriptions with our trained technicians and optometrists on demand with video consultations.

We care about your eye care.

Our mission is to help people have their best vision to live their best lives.