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Bruder Eye Compress Moist Heat Mask

Bruder Eye Compress Moist Heat Mask

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Moist heat provides deeper tissue penetration at the same temperatures, thoroughly liquefying sebum and offering greater relief from DED, MGD and blepharitis symptoms.

MediBeads are silver-infused. Incorporating silver into the bead
structure ensures pure, clean, moist heat with every use, helping to
repel bacteria and keep eyelids clean. The compress also effectively
withstands the rigors of daily use and regular cleaning — the beads
will not break down or lose efficacy like other compresses that contain
silica gel beads, gel, or grains.

Only MediBeads absorb moisture into the center of the bead,
resulting in even, extended moist heat. In other compresses, moisture
sits on the surface, where it quickly evaporates, causing dry, uneven
heat and dangerous hot spots. 

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